Welcome to the World of Possibility!

What does it mean to Become More?

  • Finding the courage to act on your dreams, instead of letting them gather dust on the shelf!
  • Letting go of the negative, limiting messages and excuses that have held you back in the past!
  • Learning to think more effectively, while developing your courage and will.
  • Forging ahead with hope and possibility, armed with the confidence that you can and will achieve the goals that you set for yourself fbs forex broker!

And, as you Become More, you have a richer, more satisfying experience of life, one that energizes and excites you on a daily basis!

If you need help developing your confidence, or creating a plan to achieve your goals, please consider the services I have to offer.

MaryBeth BethelIíve been helping others change and grow for sixteen years, and Iíve witnessed many dramatic transformations in my clients and students. Itís no wonder I love what I do! Helping others to Become More is both a passion and a joy in my life, and I live what I teach. Through this website, Iíll be sharing a wealth of information related to personal growth and creativity. Be sure to check out the Become More Blog, which will be continually updated with ideas, resources and inspiration. In other areas of this site, My Approach explains my background and training, as well as the way I work with clients in their efforts to change. Testimonials are also listed there. At Services, youíll find several pages that explain what I have to offer as a counselor and personal coach. The Classes page provides information about classes I teach locally, online and around the country. The Art of Living Well is a column written exclusively for this website, with essays that inform and inspire. In the Archive, youíll find links to previously published essays, written over the past decade. Iím hoping youíll find this site to be a rich resource for your personal journey fbs-trade.com.in.

Wishing you an inspired, creative and fulfilling life!


Marybeth Bethel MS
Personal Coach
Innovative Counseling and Psychotherapy
Hypnosis, Imagery and Visualization
Lawrence, KS